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Jun 27, 2012

1. Day of European Festival of Youth Choirs in Basel

Finally I completed my school obligations and found time to finish my work started in the second half of May at European Festival of Youth Choirs in Basel. I was invited to take pictures and be part of team of St. Stanislav’s Girls’ Choir from Ljubljana during the festival. It was a great pleasure for me to photograph one of the best young choirs in the world, which is coming from the same gymnasium that I went to. Also one week photographing and living with 50 girls isn't something what you could be asked for very often so at the end it wasn't too hard for me ;)

 European Festival of Youth Choirs or Europäischen Jugendchor Festival as it is called in Basel, Switzerland. From 1992 to 2010, the European Festival of Youth Choirs was organized every three years. In the meantime it is well established with over 22’000 fans and followers. In the week of the festival the city of Basel lived for it. There were daily concerts preformed by the best young choirs from Europe and beyond. Many people were waiting in long lines to be able to attend one of the many venues to be able to hear young and upcoming singers.

 First day we met in front of St. Stanislav institution in the very early morning. We travelled 12 hour by bus and arrived in the afternoon and checked in the festival office. Afterwards we went home with our host families where we mainly slept. It was a really great experience to live at the host families not only to practice German language but also to have the opportunity to experience the Swiss culture.

And also in slideshow:

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Jun 23, 2012

Megaron choir concert

At the end of the study year Megaron choir of St. Stanislav Institution had a concert in Conservatorium of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana. They presented rich programme with different styles of music. 

And for those who prefer slide shows:

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