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Jan 22, 2015

Good Morning Ljubljanica

This is one of my long planed photo projects I wanted to do since my early high school days. To share some beautiful nature from my neck of the woods. I have kayaked this section of Ljubljanica river countless times in almost all weather conditions. I started kayaking this stretch of river in my early childhood and still do sometimes. I’m always amazed at how many different types of sceneries can be enjoyed thrugh out the year.

During the last Christmas holidays, a rare opportunity presented itself, to enjoy and photograph the awakening of a cold winter day on Ljubljanica river. That was a rare but the most inspiring and beautiful moments (and also coldest) I had the opportunity to experience. With the starting soft light when a night is getting brighter, fogs just under the surface of the river and first rays of warm sun coming through snowy trees and shrubs. It was just amazing and I'm really astounded that I am able to enjoy in nature so much. In that part of nature I admire everything I see. Its what gives me inspiration and the strongest surges of energy for life. I'm putting a lot of effort to let you experience all the wonderful things that for the most part we oversleep. Sometimes getting up early and getting out of our comfort zones and withstanding crazy low temperatures is nothing compared to what we are able to admire afterwards.

I would also like to thank Ajda Novak kayaking at such an unusual time and for being great company and Blaž Anžlovar for lending me his boat.

If you prefer watching photos in full screen mode, slideshow can be found at the end of this post.

You can also view photos as fulscreen slideshow:

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Jun 17, 2012

2. Red Bull Flugtag in Ljubljana

The 2. Red Bull Flugtag yesterday happened in Ljubljana. In a very hot afternoon at Ljubljanicas’s Špica bank a lot of people wanted to see the most amazing Red Bull flying creatures built from different teams. As estimated there were about 40 000 people at Red Bull Flugtag who saw no more than 35 different teams trying to take off and fly or just jump in a river by home made planes, pigs, castles, Chuck Norris, bees and more. 

The event was very interesting with a lot of creativity and happening. So many people enjoyed it. It was also a challenge taking pictures of it. However, I decided to take a bit different approach. As long as I do kayaking I decided to take that advantage and try to do photos from the water surface. I took my kayak and packed my camera in a waterproof bag. Definitely not the easiest way due to flying objects, recue boats and camera in bag, what was the main reason that I actually didn't know what is in my frame and was very limited with zooming and unable to change my camera settings.  

And also in a slideshow mode for those who prefer full screen view:

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